Text Box: About Us

Being a fairly new cleaning company, we are up against a lot of competition, so we need to go above and beyond our customers expectations and rise above our competitors.  We strive to be first-rate cleaners, so we can be proud of the jobs we do.  Using environmentally friendly, chemical free cleaning products from Norwex is just one of the ways we are doing this..  Take a look at this video to better understand Norwex.  This means no chemicals, no containers to disguard of and a better, healthier us and planet.  Understanding Chemicals and what they do to us is the first step in change, so do not be fooled by products that claim they are environmentally friendly, just take a look at this video.

All cleaning products are supplied by Aiding Maids. 

We are flexible and are here to aid you as much as we can.  For the cost of a night out, you can come home to a clean house and not have the worry of doing it yourself.  Aiding maids is your right hand………

Fully bonded and insured!

House cleaning services grimsbymaid service burlingtonText Box: Testimonials

I have had cleaners before, but none as good as Aiding Maids.  They do a great job and I hope to keep them for a long time.
Gary McCormick—St. Catharines

The first time I used you guys for cleaning my home, I was shocked to see how clean it was.  I always thought I did a good job but apparently it was not that good.  Thanks for keeping my house spic and span.
Suzanne Berrand—Grimsby
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